Don’t Put Aspirin on Your Gums. (Dental Myths Debunked)


How often do we believe what we hear without having all the facts? Are you guilty of believing things you’ve never actually researched? I think we all are…or you might be lying to yourself. Let’s debunk some common dental myths that plague the minds of old and young alike, when it comes to things we’ve “heard” about our mouths: Myth #1-Chewing sugar free gum, after a meal, is an effective replacement for brushing. Truth: NOPE. That being said, if you don’t have access to a brush, sugar free gum does help loosen up bacteria after a meal. Myth #2-It’s [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry Columbus – Upgrade Your Smile


It’s okay to want a beautiful smile. It’s okay to get that beautiful smile. Too many people silently suffer behind cosmetic, oral blemishes, keeping them from a full smile in family pictures or public settings. Yes, dentists exist to help prevent oral problems. But they are also there to support you through cosmetic dental procedures as well. Wondering what options you may have when it comes to upgrading your smile? Here are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Teeth Whitening—while over the counter treatments are minimally helpful, a more powerful teeth bleaching method can be done in [...]

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How to Choose a New Dentist


At some point, you may find yourself needing to move due to a job relocation, switching medical offices because of insurance changes or leaving a beloved dentist/doctor because they’ve retired.  The relationship you have with a dentist is important because it’s personal and you could be a client of theirs for years. So... when you are on the hunt for a new dentist, here’s a checklist of questions to ask or research before making the big decision. Do they have office hours that fit your schedule? What are the credentials and experience of the dentist? What do patient reviews [...]

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Small Time Family Dentist & David Blaine?


So I’m just a small time, Family Dentist here in Columbus.  That somehow ended up on a National Television special. Here’s what happened.  David Blain is one of the most famous and talented magicians of our generation.  And just a really cool dude.  A few years ago, he took on a very dangerous stunt of catching a bullet in his teeth on national TV.  And because of my long history of being both a dentist and a magician, he reached out to me asking for help on the mouth contraption that would literally catch that bullet.  Here’s what we’d hope you see.  We won’t be doing any [...]

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8 Reasons Why You Should Cave


Just listen to the radio for a few minutes, and you are bound to hear a dental advertisement.  Choosing a dentist can feel pretty overwhelming and we want to help make the decision easier for you and your family.  So why us? -We are conveniently located off of 315 and Bethel Road -We commit to give you personalized care and attention -You will be serviced by an experienced, knowledgeable, friendly team -Dr. Moore’s magic tricks will have kids begging to visit the dentist -We provide a flexible schedule to fit patient’s needs -We offer a variety of services, from [...]

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Columbus Dentist | It’s Like Magic


Kids (and people who have kid-like spirits) don't often like going to the dentist. You can bribe them with treats during or after, but it takes a lot to haul them into the car and into the waiting room. Then you get to feel the tug on your shirt when you check in, followed by a "But do I have to get my teeth cleaned? I brush my teeth all the time!" Cue parental eye roll. Want to give them something they (and you) can actually look forward to at the dentist? Sounds too good to be true, right? [...]

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Dentist Columbus Checkup


Since taking care of your teeth can affect your overall health, it's important to go to the dentist on a routine basis. Which begs the question: How often should someone go to the dentist? While the origin of the twice-a-year visit is unclear, it turns out there's something to it. With a basic cleaning twice a year, you can catch problem spots early and keep bigger issues from ever coming up. Even if you are the Monk of tooth care, it's still important to get your teeth checked regularly by your dentist. What you can see is how great [...]

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Dentist Office Near Hilliard


A lot of people scouring the web searching for a local dentist office are hoping for a short drive. You don't want to spend 45 minutes bouncing around I-270 trying to find the right exit and then taking backroads into the burbs looking to get your teeth cleaned. That's why we're pretty fortunate about where we are located in Columbus. We are easily accessible to the North part of town, which means all you Hilliard folks will be happy. We're a hop, skip, and a jump away. Hop on I-270, skip onto 315 S, and jump onto Bethel Road. [...]

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