Why Do I Keep Getting Cavities?


Almost all of us have had that dreaded moment when you're sitting in the dentist chair, and you hear a "Hmmmm............" Your brain races. Uh-oh, please don't let it be... "Looks like you have another cavity." Nooooooooo!!! "We'll have to get you scheduled for a filling here shortly." For some of you, you're thinking about biting the bullet at age 40 and getting dentures early at the rate you're going. For others, maybe you've only got a couple cavities. Either way, you're brushing your teeth and doing everything right. So why do you keep getting cavities? Here are the Top [...]

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Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings


What’s The Difference Between Amalgam & Composite? To put it plainly, amalgams and composites are just two different types of fillings. Amalgams are known as “silver” fillings, while composites are natural tooth-colored fillings.   Amalgam Fillings Amalgam “silver” fillings used to be the standard choice for all fillings. Made of silver, tin, copper, and mercury (which is necessary to bind the compound), amalgams are strong and long-lasting, though the least aesthetically pleasing of your filling options.   Composite Fillings Composite fillings are natural tooth-colored, resin-based fillings that are made of ceramic and plastic materials. This type of filling was [...]

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