Modern Dentistry


With so many current technological advancements happening in the dentistry world, patients will continue to see quicker treatments, shorter visits, and more accurate assessment of oral health concerns.  Even better, these improvements will make dental treatments more affordable and accessible for all potential patients. It seems this rapidly growing field is constantly evolving and reconstructing the way we view oral health. A future with fewer cavities and less painful procedures would be a welcome benefit.  Some specific advances include: diagnosis tools, laser fluorescence, digital imaging, crown or bridge implants with software assistance, digitally assisted surgery… and this is just the [...]

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Cutting Edge Tech


Technological advances are constantly evolving in the field of dentistry.  Thanks to cutting edge techniques and new, improved gadgets, the needs of individual patients can be treated more effectively. Why is this good news for you?  Because it means less time in the dental chair, minimal discomfort, and more accurate treatment for your dental woes. Cameras, digital X-Rays and other high tech machines magnify images and assess overall oral health more accurately for both dentists and patients.  In other words, long treatment plans and multiples dental office visits are eliminated. And let's not forget the leaps and bounds the dental [...]

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Intraoral Cameras Give You A Front Row Seat


A Closer Look Intraoral cameras are like the perfect dental assistant - obnoxiously detailed, speedy, and good at keeping records of previous visits. Cool Fact #1 To keep it simple, an intraoral camera is a small camera that captures the outside of the gum and tooth in meticulous detail. One major benefit is that it can diagnose dental problems early. For instance, maybe you brush your teeth regularly and are an A+ dental patient, but the intraoral detects tooth decay. One little cavity later, and you're looking at a smaller dental bill because we caught the problem early! [...]

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