Your Teeth Deserve a Resolution


As we wrap up another calendar year (albeit a unique one) most us take some time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  Often, resolutions are made, for all sorts of reasons:  improving health, spending more time with family, achieving work goals, adapting new habits, working on repairing relationships…you name it.  The benefits of setting some simple goals can be rewarding and motivating. Why not include optimal dental health in your New Year’s resolutions?  Because it’s important to create resolutions that are attainable and manageable, here are some simple habits you could resolve to make (or [...]

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Don’t Talk with Your Hand Full


Celebrity or not, wealthy or “just scraping by”, we all have the common bond of having a mouthful of teeth to take care of and we all have to manage our nervousness over routine dental visits and procedures.  Billy Crystal, a well known comedian, wrote a funny reflection on what he observed about teeth; some of us can probably relate. Billy admitted that he grew up not really understanding the importance of oral health…until he observed his grandparents (who never had a single dental visit), sloppily extract their dentures at the dinner table. “'Take care of your teeth, Billy. Take [...]

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What Are Natal Teeth?


A fresh newborn baby…soft skin, a sweet face, tiny toes and fingers…and teeth??  Immediately, a visual image is conjured in your head of a newborn baby looking up at his adoring parents and flashing a twinkling Hollywood smile.  Well…not exactly. Natal teeth, as these teeth are called, are extremely rare and only occur once in every 2,000 babies. When parents are expecting that first tooth to pop a few months in, they can be quite shocked(understandably)to find that their newborn has natal teeth.  Luckily, these teeth aren’t usually a danger to the little one.  Sometimes an underlying medical issue [...]

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What’s Up With Wisdom Teeth?


Many years ago, humans didn’t have the luxury of modern cooking tools like sharp knives, vegetable steamers and propane grills.  Munching on uncooked meats, nuts, berries, roots and other natural plants produced strong molars and a broader jaw in consumers, out of sheer necessity and survival. Fast forward to the 21st century and we have the ability to cut, chop, dice, boil, steam, and bake just about anything and everything we eat.  In other words, our foods are much softer and easier to eat, putting less emphasis on the need for wisdom teeth.  Interestingly enough, our mouths are really created [...]

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A Gum Stick a Day Keeps the Dentist Away


It’s hard to check out at the grocery store without eyeing the enticing display of snacks, candy and gum--all within arm’s reach!  Although most of those options would not be approved by your dentist (or doctor), DO feel free to grab a package of gum.  These days, they come in all sorts of flavors:  mint, grape, tropical, watermelon, cinnamon and cotton candy, just to name a few.  Here are some basic do’s and don’ts of chewing gum: DO chew sugarless gum—it promotes a strong flow of saliva DO chew for 20 minutes after a big meal—it helps prevent tooth decay DO look [...]

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Happy Holidays with a Special Deal


We’re saying Happy Holidays – with a happy offer for new patients. We like to say we’re high-end dentistry for adults.  And for you kids --- we’ve got some fun and (literal) magic tricks up our sleeves to keep them comfortable in the chair. And because we want to show you that we’re a nice place for your family --- we’re doing a fun Holiday Promotion --- where all new patients will receive the very impressive Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush (a Bluetooth Technology device that’s a $160 value) – that leaves your pearly whites professionally cleaned every time. Just [...]

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Looking for a Dentist Near Upper Arlington?


Dentist Offices aren't all the same. Some dentists focus mostly on general cleanings, crowns, and other typical procedures. At Dr. Moore's family dentist office, we wanted to do more than just that, because we realize that your needs are greater than routine fillings. We're near Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Worthington, and North Columbus, and you might like to know that you have a lot of dental procedures we can help with, like... Cosmetic Dentistry Some of you say "Cheese" inside your head when people are taking your picture. Now you can actually say it audibly and show those pearly whites. [...]

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Worthington Dentist


You're sitting there thinking, "How on earth am I going to find a good dentist office?" It's one of the most annoying struggles you can go through, especially if you're new to the area and don't have enough connections to hear about a good dentist via word-of-mouth. Or you could be someone who has gone to a dentist for years (because that's where your mom and her mom and her mom's mom went) and are ready for a change. And that’s when you went to search online for a good option. You have to start somewhere, because your oral [...]

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