How often do we believe what we hear without having all the facts? Are you guilty of believing things you’ve never actually researched? I think we all are…or you might be lying to yourself.

Let’s debunk some common dental myths that plague the minds of old and young alike, when it comes to things we’ve “heard” about our mouths:

Myth #1-Chewing sugar free gum, after a meal, is an effective replacement for brushing.
Truth: NOPE. That being said, if you don’t have access to a brush, sugar free gum does help loosen up bacteria after a meal.

Myth #2-It’s okay if the gums bleed when I’m brushing.
Truth: YIKES. Bleeding gums is usually a sign of a bigger oral problem!

Myth #3-I will ONLY get cavities if I eat lots of candy.
Truth: I WISH. In fact, carbohydrates, sugary drinks, and a lack of fresh, natural foods can also cause cavities.

Myth #4-Bad breath=a bad brusher
Truth: SLOW DOWN, JUDGE JUDY. Bad breath can often be affected by sickness and other oral issues going on in the mouth.

Myth #5-Placing an aspirin in the gums, by a sore tooth, can alleviate the pain.
Truth: DOH! Aspirin is ONLY effective if it’s swallowed and absorbed. This is an old wives’ tail.

Myth #6-Teeth whitening products damage the teeth.
Truth: WRONG-O. The whitening CAN increase tooth sensitivity, but they don’t actually cause damage to the tooth enamel.

Myth #7-Diet soda is acceptable to drink, because there’s no sugar to affect the teeth.
Truth: WOMP. While there is no sugar in diet soda, the drinks are still highly acidic, eating away at enamel.

In other words, give your teeth their best chance at optimum health. Give your dentist a chance to help you reach your goals! And most importantly, don’t assume you know the truth when it comes to your oral health.