Have you ever glanced in the mirror and been shocked at the state of your not-so-white teeth? Do your teeth have an unattractive yellowish hue that makes you feel self- conscious? But maybe, like me, you are also ready to fiercely battle anyone that tries to tell you to get rid of your coffee or pop addiction, which can contribute to that tint.

Fear not. You can still indulge a bit and work to reinstate your pearly whites. Also, it may surprise you to know that yellow teeth are not necessarily a sign of poor dental hygiene, so rest assured, the world is not judging your brushing habits. In other words, it’s quite possible that a set of yellowed teeth could be perfectly healthy teeth. Very few people naturally have bright white teeth!  Most people’s teeth have a gray or yellow hue to them. That’s because dentin, which is just inside the tooth enamel (the outside of the tooth, which is translucent), is actually yellow in color, so often, those tones seep through.

Now, for the part you may not want to hear. Chocolate, coffee, tea, vaping, pop, wine, tomato sauce, vinegar and tobacco can definitely stain the teeth and aid in a stronger yellow tint.  Genetics, aging, medications and illness can also affect the color of the tooth enamel. So while yes, you can control your dental habits, there’s also an aspect to your discoloration that just can not be helped!

Kor Whitening

Fortunately, there are natural, home remedies, over the counter methods, professional techniques (like the incredible Kor Whitening package of products that we’re proud to represent) and toothpastes loaded with baking soda and peroxide to help combat those unwelcome changes.

As always, the best thing you can do to maintain white-ish teeth is to make sure you are brushing well, flossing daily, and scheduling dental check ins every 6 months to keep up with the needs of your mouth!