It’s hard to believe that nearly half of summer has come and gone.  It won’t be long before back to school advertisements will bombard our screens and the pressure to gather supplies and purchase the latest shoe trends will consume a parent’s thoughts…and wallets.

Many families navigated the challenges of remote learning and all sorts of unusual circumstances last year; thus, it’s reported that approximately 1/3 of regular patients chose to put off annual doctor and dental visits due to the uncertainty of COVID.  So, perhaps now more than ever, a check up for your kid before school starts, is necessary.  Children’s teeth are still developing so checking on gum health, cavities, canker sores, tooth grinding, bad breath, decay and mouth sensitivity are all essential for optimal health.

Aside from scheduling a yearly back to school appointment with a dentist, you can also cultivate healthy routines now by tracking your child’s toothbrushing (morning and night), ensuring that they drink lots of water to flush out bacteria, providing tooth healthy snacks (carrots and cheese), packing floss for on the go, and getting a mouth guard fitted for your child athlete.

It’s important to set kids up for success.  Just like we wouldn’t send a kid to school without a back pack, we shouldn’t send a kid to school without caring for their oral health and overall development.  It’s not too late to schedule a summer appointment. Give us a call today.