Bite-Sized History of Teeth

Teeth have been around as long as humans have been around. They are vital to life, because teeth are essential to eating and speaking and they are a window into the body’s overall health.

The Ancient Greeks once believed that tooth decay occurred due to tooth worms, which was really their best guess at bacteria and cavities. Egyptian mummies have shown evidence of tooth drilling practices to drain abscesses. In Phoenicia, an early, common practice was to replace missing […]

March Madness: Team Dentist

Perhaps you have filled out a March Madness bracket, and the excitement is brewing in your competitive household or work environment as strong opinions about definite winners are exchanged.

Perhaps these participants also have strong opinions about their dental habits.  Why not challenge them to a dental madness bracket, just for fun?

1st up—Team Floss versus Team Mouthwash:

And the winner is… FLOSSING.  Mouthwash […]

Debunking Dental Hygiene Myths

We tend to be careful about what we put in our bodies for meals.  We tend to be disciplined about getting to the gym.  But do we treat our dental care with the same intentionality?  Isn’t there good reason the mouth is often called the “window” to the body?  To understand this concept better, let’s debunk some common myths surrounding the topic of dental hygiene:

  1. Brushing your teeth hard helps get rid of […]

Taking Care of Your Kid’s Teeth

Typically, when we think of February, we think of Valentine’s and Groundhog’s Day and cold and snow and cold…at least if you live in Ohio. But February is also National Children’s Dental Health Month, which has been celebrated, in one form or another, for over 70 years. The purpose of giving attention to children’s dental health is to raise awareness and magnify the importance of starting patterns of good oral habits early in life. After all, tooth decay and […]

Changing Dental Care? Here’s Some Steps to Help!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, because let’s face it, continuing to do something because it’s comfortable or what you are used to is often easier than going through the hassle of making a change.  Even if the change is necessary.  Maybe you’ve been considering a switch to a new dentist for years.  Perhaps your favorite dentist recently retired or maybe you have been feeling unheard at your current practice […]

Tips & Tricks to Navigating the Dental Aisle

Sometimes, walking down the dental aisle at the grocery store can be overwhelming: so many products; how do you know which ones are the best options!?

Let’s start with the toothbrush. When you pick one out, the most important aspect of the brush is the bristles. Hard bristles cause bleeding and gum damage, whereas soft bristles help get in between teeth, gently. Also, try out the toothbrush in your hand and make sure it is easy to grip and comfortable […]

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