Got A Tooth Problem? Here’s What To Do!

Like it or not, most of us will find ourselves(or a loved one) in the midst of an foreseen dental emergency at some point in our lives.  It’s easy to respond to these unsettling situations with panic and fear, but a few practical tips will help make the best of a tough situation.

A chipped tooth or a situation where minimal pain is observed, usually means the patient can wait a day or two to […]

Which Doctor Should I See for My Tooth Problems?

Ever wonder what all those “ists” mean at the end of a medical title?? Let’s unpack the mystery of who you should see based on the discomfort you are experiencing. For starters, the suffix “ist” simply refers to a person who performs and specializes in a certain area. Now, on to the fancy part.


Their expertise allows them to deal with dental pulp in tissues. Still confused? Best put, they are the pros […]

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Like it or not, the new school year is fast approaching.  While new routines are being established, why not kick off (or continue) healthy dental habits with your kids!? Honestly, it will save YOU, in the end, because you can avoid unforeseen time off at work to manage dental issues.

10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

1. While you are out shopping for new school shoes and […]

Dental Dad Jokes

Okay, I admit that for many of us, there’s NOTHING funny about going to the dentist, but here’s an attempt at making you giggle, a little, at some dental funnies.  Don’t brush me off, just yet.  Sink your teeth into a few of these good, albeit cheesy, ones.

Dental Dad Jokes

Q: What Do You Call a Dentist Who Can’t Stop Working on Teeth?
A: Abscessive compulsive.

Q: What Did the Dentist Say […]

Don’t Put Aspirin on Your Gums. (Dental Myths Debunked)

How often do we believe what we hear without having all the facts? Are you guilty of believing things you’ve never actually researched? I think we all are…or you might be lying to yourself.

Let’s debunk some common dental myths that plague the minds of old and young alike, when it comes to things we’ve “heard” about our mouths:

Myth #1-Chewing sugar free gum, after a meal, is an effective replacement for brushing.
Truth: NOPE. That being said, […]

Cosmetic Dentistry Columbus – Upgrade Your Smile

It’s okay to want a beautiful smile. It’s okay to get that beautiful smile. Too many people silently suffer behind cosmetic, oral blemishes, keeping them from a full smile in family pictures or public settings. Yes, dentists exist to help prevent oral problems. But they are also there to support you through cosmetic dental procedures as well. Wondering what options you may have when it comes to upgrading your smile?

Here are some of the most […]

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