In the world of doctors, we know there are all types that specialize in various fields. But did you know that there are also fields within the dentistry world?  These include: academic dentistry, endodontics, military dentistry, private and corporate general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and public health dentistry.
Each field is unique and requires various levels of training, schooling and certification. In academic dentistry, a person must obtain their dental degree before teaching the subject matter to eager students. An endodontist must get further training beyond dental school to specialize in dental pulp, root canals, cracked teeth and dental trauma. Many military dentists choose to serve all over the country, as they meet the dental needs of active duty service men and women. The mouth, jaw, head and neck region are key points of interest for the person pursuing a career in maxillofacial surgery. The orthodontist studies the science behind tooth irregularity, fitting various appliances for patients and ensuring an improved smile.  Pediatric dentists have the tricky job of wooing their young patients, educating them about the importance of oral health, and most importantly, making kids feel comfortable in the dental chair. Public health dentistry focuses on preventing and treating diseases of the mouth in a larger group and less individualized approach.
In other words, rest assured that your dentist truly loves his/her craft and taking care of your specific needs. The rigorous training and schooling, plus the option of entering various fields, ensures that every dentist is performing where their skills are maximized most.
We like to classify ourselves as a “Family Dentist”, specifically equipped to work with mom, dad, the kids, grandma or grandma and all the little or big things they might need. If we can help, we’d obviously love to.