Super glue can be used to fix a broken vase, mend a shattered memento, bind together a broken tooth….now wait just a second! Say what?
That’s right.  Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.  A 48 year old woman in England, Angie Barlow, decided to take matters into her own hands in an effort to avoid going to the dentist.  Her mother’s throat cancer had been discovered during a routine visit, and a fear took over Angie that kept her from visiting the dentist.  Over the course of 10 years, she superglued her own teeth together when they were cracked or broken.  As it turned out, the strong chemicals used in the glue eventually destroyed her teeth, and she ended up at the very place she had worked to avoid.  Sadly, Angie had to spend her life savings on a full mouth of implants.
We acknowledge that dental phobia is a real and legitimate fear, but rest assured — our staff is pretty much the best of the best at keeping our patients max comfortable, so that you can avoid extreme measures to save your teeth!