Thanksgiving is nearly here, and Christmas is just around the corner. In other words, most of us are thinking about the gift lists, the parties and the family get togethers. You are likely not thinking about your teeth.

Fair enough. But perhaps you should!

The end of the year means it is the best time to capitalize on your health insurance benefits and squeeze in an appointment with the dentist. Most dental insurance plans won’t roll over into 2023. If it seems reasonable to schedule a last-minute surgery and take care of another health issue before December 31st , doesn’t it also seem reasonable to schedule a quick check-up while the benefits are at their peak?

Let’s face it. As most plans go, rates and deductibles tend to rise each year. When January rolls around, you may see an increase in premiums. While you are thinking ahead, you may want to double check and see if your dental insurance plan includes an annual maximum. That way, you can plan ahead for upcoming procedures and space out appointments accordingly. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but they can often come with stressors too—indulging on Christmas cookies and gooey treats can cause all sorts of havoc on teeth.

Getting in for an emergency dental appointment during the holidays is challenging and often requires waiting on the part of the patient. By scheduling a check up now, you can prevent unwanted holiday hassles. Don’t wait. Give us a call today, so we can maximize your savings and get your smile ready for all of those holiday photos Grandma is going to expect!