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Dr. Moore and his staff are always current and well trained in the latest dental techniques. I needed an old crown replaced and walked out with a new cerec crown!! No more wearing a temporary crown for two weeks.


The doctor and his staff got me in immediately! I’m terrified of dentists and have neglected my teeth for many years. But they didn’t judge me, they just worked to make me better. All in all, this was a wonderful experience!


This place is absolutely fantastic! They have been very flexible and worked around my schedule each time.


They are always so caring and very gentle. I get so anxious going to the dentist. They take that right from me.


This will be my dentist because they provided me with a payment plan that was so flexible and made sure that I was comfortable through the entire procedure. No bait and switch, no gimmicks.



I graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and have been practicing dentistry in Columbus since 1984. Yes… that’s more than a few years. I fell in love with dentistry as a kid because my father was a Periodontist. I was proud of him and loved what he was able to do for people. A smile you feel good about gives you confidence. If we can use our craft to help you and your family feel good about where you’re going, then we’re the lucky ones.



From dental cleanings to veneers to fillings to crowns to whitening to dealing with sleep apnea, we handle it all.



We’ve invested in digital x-rays for less radiation, intraoral cameras, and CEREC same-day crowns.


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Hanging out with this family dentist isn’t too scary. Dr. Moore can even do a little magic to make nervous kiddos feel more at home!

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