Let’s go back to the basics: the anatomy of teeth.  Do you actually know about the complexity of your pearly whites?  Or how the mouth works, exactly?  No? Well, me neither.  So sit back, relax, and prepare to be awestruck through this mini mouth lesson.

First of all, your teeth are made up of 4 parts: 

  1. enamel (the outside of the tooth and also the hardest tissue in your entire body)
  2. dentin (the middle layer of your tooth that resembles what we think of bone)
  3. pulp (the soft tissue on the inside of the tooth that nourishes the bone)
  4. root (secures the tooth to the jaw and “communicates” with the pulp).

There are blood vessels, ligaments and nerves that run through every single tooth.

And unless you lost one (or two) in a hockey competition or wrestling match with your brother…

You have 32 adult (permanent teeth):

  • 4 incisors (the cutting and tearing teeth)
  • 2 canines (also used for tearing)
  • 4 premolars, and 6 molars (the grinding and crushing teeth)
  • 32 teeth in each jaw (including 4 wisdom teeth)

No longer can you say, they are “just” teeth!  The intricacies and functions and make up of your teeth serve necessary purposes each day, so you can enjoy all types of foods and experiences without having to do any of the thinking.  It’s only right, then, to take good care of these 32 little treasures.