Isn’t it funny how most of us “commoners” assume that people of prestige and power somehow bypass certain “rights of passage” or uncomfortable realities of life?  But in reality, even those folks visit the dentist for regular check- ups and deal with painful cavities, root canals and crooked teeth.
Famous for her kind smile, sophisticated wave and quiet demeanor, the Queen of England is often reserved, leaving personal information out of the public’s knowledge.  Recently, however, she was visiting a new dental hospital in London and let a little nugget leak out as she interacted with children being fit with braces. The 93 year old queen shared that she, too, wore wire braces as a kid, to straighten her misaligned teeth.  She referred to them as “train tracks” and offered encouragement to the young children by reassuring them that the discomfort of braces is worth the beautiful smile in the end. Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice also rocked the metallic smile for several years of their adolescence!
 So while the monarchy is likely not having to sell all of their personal items to support the cost of braces, they still have to prioritize the simple things like routine dental check- ups and oral health. We would be honored to provide dental care to your very own princesses and princes at our family friendly dentist castle; contact us for more information about how we can serve you best!