I can’t possibly be the only person that grew up hearing that it was “healthy” for gums to bleed while using a tooth brush, encouraging me to brush harder and floss with more vigor.  Bleeding gums are, in fact, not normal.  The bleeding is actually caused by a lack of daily care and attention to oral health.  Inflamed gums (which lead to bleeding) can be a response to plaque build- up, gum disease or the start of gingivitis.  That being said, do not panic if the gums bleed a bit while flossing.  If we are honest with ourselves, most of us wait until the actual week of our dental appointment to begin flossing; that way, we can proudly declare that, “Yes, of course I floss.”  But until it’s a daily habit and the interior of the mouth is strengthened (think of it like a muscle), the gums will bleed.

The best way to keep problems at bay is to be proactive in keeping your teeth healthy.  Integrate flossing and regular brushing into your daily habit.  Putting off regular dental check -ups can lead to problems, so schedule visits every 6 months. Investing a little time each day can save you lots of time and trouble (and money) in the future!