Whether you cook out by the pool, host a BBQ with friends, travel to see family, or play a competitive game of kickball, we all celebrate July 4th as the birth and independence of our country. It’s no mystery that one of the best parts of the holiday celebration is the food:  burgers, chips, Grandma Betty’s mac n cheese, festive Jello concoctions, smores, and sweet tea!  While it’s easy to dismiss all healthy choices in favor of indulging(we are celebrating FREEDOM after all) there are ways to enjoy the holiday AND protect your oral health. Here are 4 easy tips to implement as you make lasting memories this year:
  1. July 4th usually means a day spent outdoors and often, participants reach for beer and wine to soothe their thirst.  Instead, choose water as your number one cooler choice. It’s better for teeth and it helps keep you hydrated. Even more, when a toothbrush isn’t available, a quick rinse with water after meals can be the next best thing.
  2. If you find yourself on the road, traveling, for the holiday, bring along a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste.  Don’t neglect to follow your normal routines from home.
  3. Offer to bring a recipe to the hang out that is deliciously filled with dental super foods.  For example, make a patriotic parfait dessert filled with yogurt, berries, and granola.  It will satisfy the sweet tooth but also look festive for the occasion.  Also, choose to munch on watermelon, cheese, apples and cucumbers when you can. Take it easy with the chips.
  4. If you happen to be at a pool, be sure to tread carefully around the edges to prevent slips, falls and tooth chips.
Have a wonderful, relaxing, injury free, cavity-less, July 4th celebration!