Are Bottles & Binkies Bad News?


Like most things, the answer to this question isn't black and white.   Bottles:  It isn’t the bottle, in and of itself, that is the problem!  It’s what is PUT in the bottle(juice versus water or milk) as well as how long a child is left with a bottle to drink.  Using bottles for nutrition is absolutely okay, but once nutrients are consumed, the bottle should be taken away so excessive sucking isn’t a temptation for the little one.  Prolonged use can cause misaligned teeth and jaws. Pacifiers:  Pacifiers are also okay, for a certain amount of time.  The longer [...]

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Columbus Family Dentist | Kids & Canines


In honor of February being children’s dental health month, here are some interesting tid- bits when it comes to kids and canines. Children should first visit the dentist around 3-4 years of age, so they can become familiar and comfortable with a routine visit in the chair. Like adults, children should see a dentist every 6 months for exams. About 20% of kids say that they fear going to the dentist. Much of this fear can be assuaged by watching parents brave the dentist chair and hearing adults talk positively about personal experiences. Communication is key with children. Parents [...]

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Trick or Treat or Toy


Is it an oxymoron for a dentist to pass out Halloween candy? According to a survey done(with over 250 dentists) by Delta Dental, 60% of dentists give out candy at Halloween.  Not so surprisingly, 5% hand out toothbrushes and the rest pass up the tradition of goodie hand-outs altogether. In an effort to help out your local, friendly dentist and further the lifespan of your pearly whites, here are some non-candy ideas you may want to try to pass out this Halloween season: Stickers or temporary tattoos Play doh Glow sticks Raisins Apples or apple chips  Kids Clif Zbars [...]

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How I Quit Sucking My Thumb


How I Quit Sucking My Thumb BY BRUCE LANSKY My mother says it’s childish and my father says it’s dumb— whenever they discover that I’m sucking on my thumb. It’s such a silly thing to do, as everybody knows. So now instead of sucking it I stick it in my nose. Do you have a thumb sucker in your house?  Lots of us do!  And let’s be honest, it’s pretty adorable to watch sleeping little ones as they soothe themselves and dream of cotton candy and rainbows.  Luckily, most kids outgrow the habit within the first few years of life. [...]

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Holiday Dental Mayhem


It seems like most holidays come with a side of dental bloopers. One common issue is the cracked tooth.  You know the drill: Grannie and many others bake lots of goodies in the Christmas season and in order to keep things fresh, those delightful treats get shoved into the freezer.  For those of us that like to live dangerously, there’s always an attempt to sneak a cookie or two from the abundance of treats. But being overzealous has its drawbacks.  It’s disappointing to successfully complete part one of the mission only to get caught because a tooth gets chipped [...]

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The Toothless Wonder


The Toothless Wonder By Phil Bolsta Last night when I was sound asleep, My little brother Keith Tiptoed into my bedroom And pulled out all my teeth. You’d think that I would be upset And jump and spit and swear. You’d think that I would tackle Keith And pull out all his hair. But no! I’m glad he did it. So what if people stare. Now, thanks to the Tooth Fairy, I’ll be a millionaire! The Loveable Toothfairy Tradition | What You Can Teach Your Kids The loveable tooth fairy tradition is said to have started [...]

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The US consumes more than 7 billion pounds of candy each year and spends approximately 9 billion dollars a year on Halloween candy.  Let that sink in for a minute. For many moms and dads, squashing the sugary childhood trick or treat dreams of their kids may seem like the best idea. But rather than eliminating the fun, consider teaching kids the best way to handle their loot. That way, the message isn’t “candy is bad”, but rather, excessive sugar can lead to cavities. Here are some guidelines to help your family have a Happy Halloween AND maintain optimum [...]


5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush


It’s hard enough to get kids to put their clothes on, let alone brush their teeth.  But believe it or not, you can make the experience manageable and even FUN (who knew?) Establishing a good dental hygiene routine begins when kids are young and when parents have the opportunity to encourage habits for healthy teeth.  Not only did your parents want you to have fresh breath, but more importantly, they wanted to make sure your teeth and gums were well taken care.  If you don’t learn how to take care of your teeth when you are young, poor dental [...]

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What Age Do I Schedule My Child’s First Dental Appointment?


It's hard to know when to take your child to their first dental appointment. You want to be prepared and responsible, but you also don't want to jump on the fast track of being a helicopter parent. Why It's An Important Decision... Tooth decay is a prevalent problem in the lives of children. "'Far too many children suffer far too much dental disease, and it is overwhelmingly preventable,' says Burton L. Edelstein, D.D.S., founding director of the Children's Dental Health Project in Washington, DC. Legislators are listening: A bill, the Children's Dental Health Improvement Act of 2002, aimed at [...]

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What to Do When Kids Hate the Dentist


It's every parent's worst nightmare when their kids hate the dentist. What can you do? They need their teeth cleaned, but obviously you don't have the energy to deal with your kid crying into the carpet, arms going limp as you hoist them off the floor. In their defense, the dentist can be scary. No one really prods around in their mouth all the time or has such bright and scary alien equipment. BUT, there's some good news in all this - we're a special kind of dentist office. While we can't guarantee a fuss-free zone completely, we do [...]

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