Modern Dentistry


With so many current technological advancements happening in the dentistry world, patients will continue to see quicker treatments, shorter visits, and more accurate assessment of oral health concerns.  Even better, these improvements will make dental treatments more affordable and accessible for all potential patients. It seems this rapidly growing field is constantly evolving and reconstructing the way we view oral health. A future with fewer cavities and less painful procedures would be a welcome benefit.  Some specific advances include: diagnosis tools, laser fluorescence, digital imaging, crown or bridge implants with software assistance, digitally assisted surgery… and this is just the [...]

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Dentists Then & Now (Be Glad You’re In This Century)


In the 1800s, people often went to their local barber to consult him about tooth pain. Dentists were few and far between, so the highly respected “cutter of hair” would be the chosen man to extract the tooth. Yikes.  Only the rich could afford wooden dentures (made from the teeth of the deceased) to replace a missing tooth, so most people just went without. Fast forward to today: thank goodness the dental business was eventually  recognized as a medical profession and the development of technology, tools and numbing pain came into existence.  The front lines of dentistry are now [...]

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How Digital X-Rays Are Safer For You


Safety First Teeth are kind of like icebergs. Up above everything looks fine, but you have no idea what's under the surface. That's why it's crucial to get X-rays when you go to a dentist office. You may think that your mouth is in perfect condition, but your beautiful smile may be hiding some little surprises for you. Why They're Important Digital X-rays are so precise they can pick up surprises under more than just teeth. They expose everything underneath all the previous dental work you've gotten done. In other words, they see straight through any crowns or fillings that [...]

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