Signs You May Need a Crown


Who can’t appreciate a good, dental meme?  But seriously…how do you know if you need a crown(of the dental variety)?  A dental crown is simply a cap that covers your current tooth.  It can improve the shape, function and look of the tooth in precarious dental situations. Signs that you may need a crown: If you have a broken, fractured or chipped tooth—a crown is usually your best chance at restoring your tooth to its former glory. If you have had too many cavities for a tooth to withstand—the strength of a tooth is compromised if the same tooth [...]

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Super Glue for Teeth?


Super glue can be used to fix a broken vase, mend a shattered memento, bind together a broken tooth….now wait just a second! Say what? That’s right.  Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.  A 48 year old woman in England, Angie Barlow, decided to take matters into her own hands in an effort to avoid going to the dentist.  Her mother’s throat cancer had been discovered during a routine visit, and a fear took over Angie that kept her from visiting the dentist.  Over the course of 10 years, she superglued her own teeth together when they were [...]

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What To Do About A Chipped Tooth


You’re sitting down to watch a movie with your family when… CRUNCH. You bite down on a kernel of popcorn. The only words that pop into your brain that instant are “uh-oh”. It’s probably nothing, right? Wrong. You go to the bathroom and check to find your Jurassic Park movie night has just been interrupted by a chipped tooth. The worst part? It’s close to the front of your mouth, which means smiling just isn’t an option tomorrow. Or laughing. The only upside is you can almost suck through a straw without opening your mouth. Guess what? You are [...]

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