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What Are Those Tools, Anyway?


Ever wonder what all those tools are, exactly, as you stare at the dental tray? Wait. That’s going in my mouth? Here’s a more in depth look at those gadgets and their jobs: A sickle probe The fancy name for the metal stick with a curve on the end that most of us associate with the dentist. It helps identify problems like cavities and scrapes away tartar and plaque. A scaler and curettes More long, sharp metal instruments that take care of thicker buildup trapped in tiny pockets between teeth. Suction device Yes, this is the REAL name for [...]

What Are Those Tools, Anyway?2021-12-02T09:34:03-06:00

Dental Myth-Busters


Sometimes our fears dominate our decision making. And sometimes, those decisions are based on things we have heard, not necessarily facts. So why not dig a little deeper and debunk some swirling common myths about the dentist and your oral health? Here goes: 1) Myth: Pregnant women should avoid seeing the dentist. Busted: Due to all the hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, pregnant women have an increased chance of dealing with gingivitis and cavities! It’s perfectly safe to have a x ray, anesthesia free appointment. 2) Myth: Baby teeth don’t matter, because they come out at some point anyways! Busted: [...]

Dental Myth-Busters2021-11-11T13:43:22-06:00

Wisdom Teeth: The Problem Child


What’s the deal with wisdom teeth? They seem like more of a nuisance than anything… This third set of molars usually starts to form between the ages of 17-21, thus named wisdom teeth, since they come in last and according to the saying, “with age comes wisdom”. I think I’d question the wisdom of most 17-21 year olds, to be honest, but that’s another topic for another time. It’s surprising to discover that ALL the teeth a person will have in their lifetime are already formed by birth; they hang out in the upper part of the skeleton until [...]

Wisdom Teeth: The Problem Child2021-10-15T09:20:34-05:00

Toothbrush Do’s & Don’t’s


What if I told you there’s a “right way” to take care of your toothbrush? Weird? Maybe. Helpful? Definitely. Don’t forget that your toothbrush is used twice daily (hopefully), and its entire purpose is to scrub the bacteria and plaque off of your teeth. While this leaves your mouth clean, it does not leave your toothbrush sanitary. And most of us then store this dirty toothbrush in a bathroom, which also has lingering bacteria in the air.  Grossed out yet? Fortunately, this is simply remedied. First of all, rinse your brush with hot water after each use. If this [...]

Toothbrush Do’s & Don’t’s2021-03-15T13:03:50-05:00

To Fluoride, or Not to Fluoride


The use of fluoride has created some controversy over the years.  We can all agree that, “Ignorance breeds fear.”  Understanding more about fluoride and broadening your knowledge base will allow you to make a confident decision for you and your family about opting in (or out of) fluoride usage at future dental visits. First of all, what is fluoride, exactly? It’s a mineral that can be found in your bones and teeth that can also be found(naturally) in rocks, soil, plants, water and air. When did it become a staple for treatment in a dental office? In the early [...]

To Fluoride, or Not to Fluoride2021-01-25T09:45:18-06:00

What’s Up With Wisdom Teeth?


Many years ago, humans didn’t have the luxury of modern cooking tools like sharp knives, vegetable steamers and propane grills.  Munching on uncooked meats, nuts, berries, roots and other natural plants produced strong molars and a broader jaw in consumers, out of sheer necessity and survival. Fast forward to the 21st century and we have the ability to cut, chop, dice, boil, steam, and bake just about anything and everything we eat.  In other words, our foods are much softer and easier to eat, putting less emphasis on the need for wisdom teeth.  Interestingly enough, our mouths are really created [...]

What’s Up With Wisdom Teeth?2020-01-30T08:55:03-06:00

A Gum Stick a Day Keeps the Dentist Away


It’s hard to check out at the grocery store without eyeing the enticing display of snacks, candy and gum--all within arm’s reach!  Although most of those options would not be approved by your dentist (or doctor), DO feel free to grab a package of gum.  These days, they come in all sorts of flavors:  mint, grape, tropical, watermelon, cinnamon and cotton candy, just to name a few.  Here are some basic do’s and don’ts of chewing gum: DO chew sugarless gum—it promotes a strong flow of saliva DO chew for 20 minutes after a big meal—it helps prevent tooth decay DO look [...]

A Gum Stick a Day Keeps the Dentist Away2020-02-12T21:28:09-06:00

Resolve to Change


The start of the new year is when most of us are(once again) making bold decisions to change and conquer negative patterns and behaviors that we battle and never quite seem to overpower.  At the very top of the resolution list is one category that dominates year after year…improving our health.  If your true goal is better overall health, then that means more than simply exercising.  It means taking good care of the ONE smile you’ve been given. As you sketch out your yearly goals and plans, make sure that regular dental visits and daily oral health habits are [...]

Resolve to Change2019-12-31T17:11:28-06:00

The Mouth to Brain Connection


Chances are that when most of us brush our teeth, we aren’t thinking about how the daily habit could affect our ability to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Believe it or not, poor oral health can lead to gum disease.  And gum disease can be a risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s. The first phase of gum disease is called gingivitis.  This problem is reversible with good oral care and proper assistance from a dentist.  But if left untreated, pockets of bacteria can form in the mouth and cause further problems. Interestingly, researchers from the University of Central Lancashire have found that [...]

The Mouth to Brain Connection2019-12-11T20:57:46-06:00

Happy Holidays with a Special Deal


We’re saying Happy Holidays – with a happy offer for new patients. We like to say we’re high-end dentistry for adults.  And for you kids --- we’ve got some fun and (literal) magic tricks up our sleeves to keep them comfortable in the chair. And because we want to show you that we’re a nice place for your family --- we’re doing a fun Holiday Promotion --- where all new patients will receive the very impressive Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush (a Bluetooth Technology device that’s a $160 value) – that leaves your pearly whites professionally cleaned every time. Just [...]

Happy Holidays with a Special Deal2019-12-03T11:25:39-06:00
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