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Cringy-Good Halloween Dentist Jokes!


Like it or not, Halloween has arrived, once again!  Why not get in the holiday spirit with some good (okay, that might be a stretch) dental jokes. ENJOY. Q: Why did the vampire go to the orthodontist? A: He needed a new bite! Q: What kind of toothpaste do vampires buy? A: Ultra-Bite Q: How are vampires like false teeth? A: They both come out at night! Q: What does a vampire fear most? A: Tooth decay Q: What did the ghost say when he found out he had cavities? A: Boo Hoo Don’t forget that while these jokes [...]

Cringy-Good Halloween Dentist Jokes!2023-10-30T08:46:40-05:00

Halloween Candy Season | Watch Those Crowns!


Don’t get spooked this Halloween with an emergency visit to the dentist! Now listen. We don’t expect ya’ll to skip the Halloween treats altogether, but there are some reasonable ways to avoid an unwanted dental bill and the extra pain associated with a cracked tooth or filling. Although dental fillings, sealants and crowns are tough enough to withstand cavities, they aren’t indestructible. They can become loose if taffy, caramel, jawbreakers, or popcorn kernels get stuck in unwanted places. All it takes is one misaligned bite down on peanut brittle or toffee to dislodge something installed to protect your teeth. [...]

Halloween Candy Season | Watch Those Crowns!2023-10-16T09:05:47-05:00

How Oral Health Affects the Rest of Your Body


What does oral health have to do with the rest of my body? Aren’t they totally unrelated? Oddly, no. Poor oral health can greatly increase the risk of all sorts of ailments: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive issues and even a shortened life span. The most current research even shows connections between oral health and brain activity, such as dementia. According to the World Health Organization report done in 2022, “Severe periodontal disease—chronic inflammation of and damage to the gums and bone that support the teeth---affects about 19% of people older than 15 or more than 1 billion people [...]

How Oral Health Affects the Rest of Your Body2023-10-02T09:59:10-05:00

Our Dentist Office Cleaning Standards


If you are disgusted by the thought of germs or bacteria filled mouths, going to the dentist might be a trip to dread. It’s a fair concern, so let’s address those lingering fears. Rest assured, instruments and equipment must undergo rigorous sterilization procedures. In fact, some dental tools are for single use only and get tossed after one procedure. For the non-disposable items like mouth mirrors, drills, forceps and scalers, special machines called auto claves(steam under pressure) or dry ovens are required for use by the CDC to ensure the utmost standards be met for cleanliness. Thorough sterilization is [...]

Our Dentist Office Cleaning Standards2023-08-29T15:35:24-05:00

The Genius Behind Floss


Most of us have never been more grateful for dental floss than after a family BBQ that involves corn on the cob. Who was the genius that thought it was a good idea to stick a piece of wax between teeth to dislodge trapped food? Believably, humans have been using tools and strings and fingernails, surely, to get rid of unwanted food in their teeth for hundreds of years. But thank goodness for Levi Parmly, who determined, around 1819, that people needed a more effective way to eliminate left over food from their mouths. Floss first began as a [...]

The Genius Behind Floss2023-08-14T12:33:44-05:00

The Risk of Energy and Sports Drinks


Many adolescents rely on the energy and caffeine boost they receive when drinking sports drinks. Kids walk into schools each morning chugging Celsius, Monster, Red Bull, Bang and Rockstar in an effort to stay attentive in class; interns sip on 5 Hour Energy cans to meet deadlines, and athletes guzzle energy fuel to help enhance their performance. But are they really a “healthier” option, as they are advertised? Not exactly. The two major ingredients found in energy and sports drinks are caffeine and sugar. These pop replacement drinks often contain 4-8 teaspoons of sugar or sugar-like substances. What’s left [...]

The Risk of Energy and Sports Drinks2023-07-11T21:32:00-05:00

Which Type of Mouth Guard Should I Get?


Mouth guards aren’t simply for teeth grinders. They are helpful for preventing sport injuries and they can even reduce snoring and help sufferers of sleep apnea. Stock mouth guards are most used for sports. They cover the top teeth and can be purchased at local drug stores or a sporting goods store. If you’re involved in an activity that includes a risk of falling or contact with any part of the face and mouth, the mouth guard is a must. Boil & Bite Mouth Guards Boil and bite mouth guards are also inexpensive and easy to purchase at a [...]

Which Type of Mouth Guard Should I Get?2023-06-30T08:26:22-05:00

Which Doctor Should I See for My Tooth Problems?


Ever wonder what all those “ists” mean at the end of a medical title?? Let’s unpack the mystery of who you should see based on the discomfort you are experiencing. For starters, the suffix “ist” simply refers to a person who performs and specializes in a certain area. Now, on to the fancy part. Endodontists— Their expertise allows them to deal with dental pulp in tissues. Still confused? Best put, they are the pros when it comes to root canals and surgeries because they focus on mouth tissues and nerves. Orthodontists— They’re famous for teeth straightening procedures. You may [...]

Which Doctor Should I See for My Tooth Problems?2022-08-29T15:12:51-05:00

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy


Like it or not, the new school year is fast approaching.  While new routines are being established, why not kick off (or continue) healthy dental habits with your kids!? Honestly, it will save YOU, in the end, because you can avoid unforeseen time off at work to manage dental issues. 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Kid's Teeth in Tip-Top Shape 1. While you are out shopping for new school shoes and backpacks, pick up a fun, new toothbrush to match! 2. Sneak as many nutritious foods into lunch boxes as you can---avoid sugary drinks and chewy candies whenever [...]

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy2022-08-09T08:58:30-05:00

Dental Dad Jokes


Okay, I admit that for many of us, there’s NOTHING funny about going to the dentist, but here’s an attempt at making you giggle, a little, at some dental funnies.  Don’t brush me off, just yet.  Sink your teeth into a few of these good, albeit cheesy, ones. Dental Dad Jokes Q: What Do You Call a Dentist Who Can’t Stop Working on Teeth? A: Abscessive compulsive. Q: What Did the Dentist Say to the Golfer? A: “You have a hole in one.” Q: What Does the Dentist of the Year Receive? A: A little plaque. Q: How Do [...]

Dental Dad Jokes2022-08-09T08:51:58-05:00
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