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Teeth Whitening


Who wouldn’t want a brighter, whiter smile when they pause to check out their looks in the mirror?  In fact, when hundreds of dental patients were asked what one thing they would change about their teeth, the nearly unanimous response was “a whiter smile”.  Thanks to age, injury, medication, food, drink and tobacco use, over time shiny white teeth can take on an unattractive yellow hue. Fortunately, teeth whitening is available in many forms and it’s a rather simple process. Depending on the severity of discoloration and the amount of money a person wants to spend on whitening, several options [...]

Teeth Whitening2019-11-12T22:40:58-06:00

Candy Corn Confections


What is the right way to eat candy corn, anyway?  Do you indulge by the handful, from the white top to the yellow bottom, or vice versa?  According to a surveyed group of 1300 adults, it was discovered that 50% of us eat the whole treat at once.  I mean, it is rather bite sized afterall. The widely known Jelly Belly Company has been rolling out loads of candy corn since 1898.  Over the years, this Halloween staple has become the #6 seller, nationwide, after Skittles, M&Ms, Snickers, Reese’s Cups, and Starburst. According to Susan Whiteside of the National Confectioners Association, [...]

Candy Corn Confections2019-11-01T17:35:27-05:00

Trick or Treat or Toy


Is it an oxymoron for a dentist to pass out Halloween candy? According to a survey done(with over 250 dentists) by Delta Dental, 60% of dentists give out candy at Halloween.  Not so surprisingly, 5% hand out toothbrushes and the rest pass up the tradition of goodie hand-outs altogether. In an effort to help out your local, friendly dentist and further the lifespan of your pearly whites, here are some non-candy ideas you may want to try to pass out this Halloween season: Stickers or temporary tattoos Play doh Glow sticks Raisins Apples or apple chips  Kids Clif Zbars [...]

Trick or Treat or Toy2019-10-14T16:13:57-05:00

Wow the Crowd


You never know when you’re going to need some dental trivia knowledge for a riveting game with friends or just to move along conversation at an awkward wedding reception…so here are some interesting facts to help you “brush up” on your dental intelligence. You are sure to learn a tidbit you didn’t know before. *Over a lifetime, you will spend around 39 total days brushing your teeth. *The hardest substance in the human body is tooth enamel. *Did you ever notice that whatever hand you write with is also the side you chew on? *More people use blue toothbrushes [...]

Wow the Crowd2019-09-27T13:11:14-05:00

Big Sigh of Relief


Is your anxiety about a dental experience keeping you away from the dentist?  If so, you aren’t alone. Several market research surveys done show that about 60 percent of people said they suffer from some level of dental appointment fear. Perhaps some of those fears can be eased by simply knowing what, exactly, happens during a dental check-up. First things first: when you make your appt, don’t be afraid to ask how long it will take so you can plan accordingly. Maybe you want to make an early appointment so you have less time to worry about it. If [...]

Big Sigh of Relief2019-09-17T09:56:39-05:00

How I Quit Sucking My Thumb


How I Quit Sucking My Thumb BY BRUCE LANSKY My mother says it’s childish and my father says it’s dumb— whenever they discover that I’m sucking on my thumb. It’s such a silly thing to do, as everybody knows. So now instead of sucking it I stick it in my nose. Do you have a thumb sucker in your house?  Lots of us do!  And let’s be honest, it’s pretty adorable to watch sleeping little ones as they soothe themselves and dream of cotton candy and rainbows.  Luckily, most kids outgrow the habit within the first few years of life. [...]

How I Quit Sucking My Thumb2019-08-28T10:46:13-05:00

The Daily…err, Nightly Grind


Many of us have experienced (what we thought) was a decent night of sleep, only to wake to an aching jaw, a dull, nagging headache and for some strange reason, a sore face. If you experience these symptoms and feel stumped as to the cause, there’s a good chance you are suffering from bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding.  Over time, this clenching action can cause sensitivity and tooth damage, so figuring out the root cause is a must. The biggest culprit for this unintentional habit… stress and anxiety (of course)!  But how can you possibly stop something [...]

The Daily…err, Nightly Grind2019-08-28T10:54:49-05:00

Halitosis (Oh No!)


Halitosis, the technical term for bad breath, is something that plagues many people.  Nobody wants to be labeled as “that person” in the room, but why is it that some folks seem to have worse breath than others?  Here are the top 10 things that can lead to build up and odor producing bacteria in the mouth! Food and Drink(garlic, onions, coffee, alcohol) Medications(these can leave your mouth dry) Tongue Piercings Chronic Dry Mouth Dentures Sinus problems Acid Reflux Tobacco Health Problems(the mouth’s bacteria is connected to gut health) Poor Oral Hygiene—This is the MOST common cause and the MOST preventable too! Fortunately, [...]

Halitosis (Oh No!)2019-07-28T19:31:12-05:00

The Truth About Oil Pulling


Oil pulling may seem like a recent trend but it actually dates back to practices that began over 3,000 years ago.  It sounds easy enough, but in truth, if you suffer from a strong gag reflex, it can be hard to stomach.  While some swear by the benefits of oil pulling, others argue that the negative effects are far worse. Oil pulling involves swishing a tablespoon of edible oil(usually coconut) throughout the mouth for usually one to five minutes, but sometimes for up to 20 minutes. This practice is said to significantly lower levels of gingivitis and plaque. It’s also believed [...]

The Truth About Oil Pulling2019-07-13T16:54:45-05:00

Feeling Nervous?


Most of us feel a little nervous about going to the doctor or dentist.  Anticipation and anxiousness can creep in and cause lots of unnecessary mental agony. If you have kids in your home that feel nervous about an upcoming dental visit, consider reading some amazing children’s books to help combat the jitters. One such book is The Tooth Book, by Dr. Seuss.  Per usual with Dr. Seuss’ writing, this book intermixes fun, silly rhymes with practical advice for a dental beginner. Another favorite is The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, by Stan and Jan Berenstain. In this story, [...]

Feeling Nervous?2019-07-01T22:14:18-05:00
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