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Your Teeth Deserve a Resolution


As we wrap up another calendar year (albeit a unique one) most us take some time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  Often, resolutions are made, for all sorts of reasons:  improving health, spending more time with family, achieving work goals, adapting new habits, working on repairing relationships…you name it.  The benefits of setting some simple goals can be rewarding and motivating. Why not include optimal dental health in your New Year’s resolutions?  Because it’s important to create resolutions that are attainable and manageable, here are some simple habits you could resolve to make (or [...]

Your Teeth Deserve a Resolution2021-03-15T12:51:17-05:00

A Christmas Dental Wish List?


A dental Christmas wish list?  Is that even a thing? Absolutely! There are all sorts of easy ways to encourage dental health this holiday season--whether you’re working with a small budget or you’re looking to splurge on a long-lasting gadget. Stockings can be filled in relatively inexpensive ways by tucking a flavorful chap-stick or tropical flavored dental floss in between some candy.  Kids also love light up and themed toothbrushes as well as dinosaur wild flossers, which makes brushing and flossing seem like less of a chore. For a few dollars more, you can purchase a handy water flosser. [...]

A Christmas Dental Wish List?2020-12-11T11:38:02-06:00

Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year


In the midst of a global pandemic and the hustle of the holidays, I’m guessing that most of us aren’t spending much time thinking about our teeth!  But, as the end of the year approaches, this is actually the best time to capitalize on your benefits and schedule an appointment with the dentist.  If you are part of a dental insurance plan, there’s a good chance your benefits won’t roll over into the new year.  If you can schedule a last-minute vasectomy or carpel tunnel surgery in December, surely you can squeak in a 45 minute check-up, right?  Use [...]

Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year2020-11-24T14:24:24-06:00

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?


Smoking wreaks havoc on the mouth.  There are obvious negative effects of smoking cigarettes, but often, the subtle culprits are the most damaging.  Smoking is the leading cause of tooth loss—not sports injuries, cavities, or overcrowding of the mouth, like you might suspect.  A few other unpleasant oral side effects include: gum disease bad breath tooth discoloration plague and tartar build up loss of bone mass in the jaw increased chances of developing oral cancer greater susceptibility to infection But wait…there is good news!  If you are a smoker, it is never too late to quit.  Most dentists agree [...]

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?2020-10-26T08:42:52-05:00

Is It Safe to See a Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


What hasn’t Covid affected?  As if going to the dentist wasn’t already a fear inducing experience for many, the addition of a wide spread virus is enough to keep people from venturing to the dentist. Although the dental experience doesn’t bode well for social distancing or mask wearing, there haven’t been any large cases of Covid spread in the dental environment. The dental experts of the American Dental Association have weighed in on the safety of going to the dentist during the current pandemic.  Surprisingly, they say, emphatically, YES, it is safe to see the dentist and more [...]

Is It Safe to See a Dentist During the COVID-19 Pandemic?2020-10-12T13:10:06-05:00

Yes, I Speak Dentist


Have you ever listened to your dentist talk to their assistant (as he or she roots around in your mouth) and wondered what in the world they are saying? Shouldn’t you have some idea of the dental terms they use?  After all, this is YOUR mouth they are talking about. Dental lingo is its own interesting animal but once you understand that the concepts are based on a number system, it’s pretty easy to catch on. First of all, when a dentist is peering in your mouth, they may refer to your upper and lower teeth by numbered [...]

Yes, I Speak Dentist2020-10-01T10:20:48-05:00

Maxillofacial Endodontic Periodontal Pediatric…. Huh?


In the world of doctors, we know there are all types that specialize in various fields. But did you know that there are also fields within the dentistry world?  These include: academic dentistry, endodontics, military dentistry, private and corporate general dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and public health dentistry. Each field is unique and requires various levels of training, schooling and certification. In academic dentistry, a person must obtain their dental degree before teaching the subject matter to eager students. An endodontist must get further training beyond dental school to specialize in dental pulp, [...]

Maxillofacial Endodontic Periodontal Pediatric…. Huh?2020-09-17T09:24:44-05:00

Super Glue for Teeth?


Super glue can be used to fix a broken vase, mend a shattered memento, bind together a broken tooth….now wait just a second! Say what? That’s right.  Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.  A 48 year old woman in England, Angie Barlow, decided to take matters into her own hands in an effort to avoid going to the dentist.  Her mother’s throat cancer had been discovered during a routine visit, and a fear took over Angie that kept her from visiting the dentist.  Over the course of 10 years, she superglued her own teeth together when they were [...]

Super Glue for Teeth?2020-08-31T16:38:27-05:00

Ouch… Bleeding Gums?


I can’t possibly be the only person that grew up hearing that it was “healthy” for gums to bleed while using a tooth brush, encouraging me to brush harder and floss with more vigor.  Bleeding gums are, in fact, not normal.  The bleeding is actually caused by a lack of daily care and attention to oral health.  Inflamed gums (which lead to bleeding) can be a response to plaque build- up, gum disease or the start of gingivitis.  That being said, do not panic if the gums bleed a bit while flossing.  If we are honest with ourselves, most [...]

Ouch… Bleeding Gums?2020-08-13T11:21:46-05:00

Back to Basics | Adult Teeth


Let’s go back to the basics: the anatomy of teeth.  Do you actually know about the complexity of your pearly whites?  Or how the mouth works, exactly?  No? Well, me neither.  So sit back, relax, and prepare to be awestruck through this mini mouth lesson. First of all, your teeth are made up of 4 parts:  enamel (the outside of the tooth and also the hardest tissue in your entire body) dentin (the middle layer of your tooth that resembles what we think of bone) pulp (the soft tissue on the inside of the tooth that nourishes the bone) [...]

Back to Basics | Adult Teeth2020-08-13T11:13:06-05:00
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