Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy


Like it or not, the new school year is fast approaching.  While new routines are being established, why not kick off (or continue) healthy dental habits with your kids!? Honestly, it will save YOU, in the end, because you can avoid unforeseen time off at work to manage dental issues. 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Kid's Teeth in Tip-Top Shape 1. While you are out shopping for new school shoes and backpacks, pick up a fun, new toothbrush to match! 2. Sneak as many nutritious foods into lunch boxes as you can---avoid sugary drinks and chewy candies whenever [...]

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Dental Dad Jokes


Okay, I admit that for many of us, there’s NOTHING funny about going to the dentist, but here’s an attempt at making you giggle, a little, at some dental funnies.  Don’t brush me off, just yet.  Sink your teeth into a few of these good, albeit cheesy, ones. Dental Dad Jokes Q: What Do You Call a Dentist Who Can’t Stop Working on Teeth? A: Abscessive compulsive. Q: What Did the Dentist Say to the Golfer? A: “You have a hole in one.” Q: What Does the Dentist of the Year Receive? A: A little plaque. Q: How Do [...]

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Don’t Put Aspirin on Your Gums. (Dental Myths Debunked)


How often do we believe what we hear without having all the facts? Are you guilty of believing things you’ve never actually researched? I think we all are…or you might be lying to yourself. Let’s debunk some common dental myths that plague the minds of old and young alike, when it comes to things we’ve “heard” about our mouths: Myth #1-Chewing sugar free gum, after a meal, is an effective replacement for brushing. Truth: NOPE. That being said, if you don’t have access to a brush, sugar free gum does help loosen up bacteria after a meal. Myth #2-It’s [...]

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Top Ten Toothy Tips


What can you do to ensure your oral health is ideal? Here are the top 10 tips for keeping your gums and mouth happy: Brush (in the morning and before bed-time) and brush thoroughly. Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Replace your toothbrush every 3 or 4 months. Also, consider trying a new toothbrush after you have had a sickness like a cold or strep throat. Don't cover your toothbrush or store it in a closed container. This can encourage growth of bacteria. Eat lots of calcium rich foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese. This helps the bones; yes, [...]

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Signs You May Need a Crown


Who can’t appreciate a good, dental meme?  But seriously…how do you know if you need a crown(of the dental variety)?  A dental crown is simply a cap that covers your current tooth.  It can improve the shape, function and look of the tooth in precarious dental situations. Signs that you may need a crown: If you have a broken, fractured or chipped tooth—a crown is usually your best chance at restoring your tooth to its former glory. If you have had too many cavities for a tooth to withstand—the strength of a tooth is compromised if the same tooth [...]

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Dentist Gave to Me


On the first day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me:  One travel tooth cleaning kit for he and she On the second day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Two pies and cookies that are sugar free On the third day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Three stockings filled with toothbrushes instead of candy On the fourth day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Four cups of soda, just kidding, but rather tea On the fifth day of Christmas, my dentist gave to me: Five baskets of whole foods, fruits, and veggies On the [...]

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What Are Those Tools, Anyway?


Ever wonder what all those tools are, exactly, as you stare at the dental tray? Wait. That’s going in my mouth? Here’s a more in depth look at those gadgets and their jobs: A sickle probe The fancy name for the metal stick with a curve on the end that most of us associate with the dentist. It helps identify problems like cavities and scrapes away tartar and plaque. A scaler and curettes More long, sharp metal instruments that take care of thicker buildup trapped in tiny pockets between teeth. Suction device Yes, this is the REAL name for [...]

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Dental Myth-Busters


Sometimes our fears dominate our decision making. And sometimes, those decisions are based on things we have heard, not necessarily facts. So why not dig a little deeper and debunk some swirling common myths about the dentist and your oral health? Here goes: 1) Myth: Pregnant women should avoid seeing the dentist. Busted: Due to all the hormonal changes a woman goes through during pregnancy, pregnant women have an increased chance of dealing with gingivitis and cavities! It’s perfectly safe to have a x ray, anesthesia free appointment. 2) Myth: Baby teeth don’t matter, because they come out at some point anyways! Busted: [...]

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Your Dentist Passes Out Candy Too


Sometimes, in life, we are perplexed by an extremely important question…do dentists hand out candy on Halloween?  The answer to this question may surprise you. Surveys say that as many as 76% of dentists openly admit to handing out candy on Halloween. I get it; what dentist wants to spoil the once-a-year fun. Afterall, dentists are human, and most of them have a sweet tooth, just like the rest of us. In a recent interview done with dentists in regards to their feelings about Halloween, here were some of their candid responses: "I give out Halloween candy!" Dr. Naini [...]

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Wisdom Teeth: The Problem Child


What’s the deal with wisdom teeth? They seem like more of a nuisance than anything… This third set of molars usually starts to form between the ages of 17-21, thus named wisdom teeth, since they come in last and according to the saying, “with age comes wisdom”. I think I’d question the wisdom of most 17-21 year olds, to be honest, but that’s another topic for another time. It’s surprising to discover that ALL the teeth a person will have in their lifetime are already formed by birth; they hang out in the upper part of the skeleton until [...]

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